I am a US Army veteran with an affection for the creative industry.  My wide-ranging skills of storytelling, illustration and programming have proven useful in the creative and technology industries. For many years I was a Flash Developer/Animator and got to work on many exciting projects for some really splendid companies. Now that the industry has changed, I am able to return to my true passion - telling stories by using cartoons, illustration, video, and graphic design.
I gained my experience by working with companies that include 20th Century Fox, 360 Jets, ABC, Allscripts, Beneful, CitiBank, Cook Islands, Disney, Dreamworks, Duke University, Friskies, HBO, Hallmark, Hallmark Channel, Hoodie Buddies, Kellogg’s, MasterCard, Mattel, Miller Lite Racing, Nokia, Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International, RIM (Blackberry), Sears US/Canada, Tom Cruise, Universal , Nokia, Now Media, Visa, and Warner Brothers.
I created and produce Sketch Zone Podcast - a podcast that features conversations with creative professionals as well as promotes creativity by having weekly drawing challenges.  I am also the host and producer for Midway Radio, the show associated to the Midway: The Story of Chicago Hip-Hop.  
I write and illustrate Robots 'n Aliens - a comic about the life and times of Chupi, an introverted alien, and his egotistical robot, Rob.
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